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Frequently Asked Questions

Pflege is a pioneer in making global healthcare accessible and affordable by using technology. You can explore numerous treatment options, which are performed by the board-certified & globally renowned specialists in 25+ countries.We've assisted patients from over 80+ countries and we take pride to serve our patients with a seal of trust.

We are committed to providing our patients with the best recommendations for treatment overseas based on their health conditions and preferences. Pflege has a global network of over 8000+ board-certified and top-rated doctors from 25+ countries. We make sure that your medical journey is easy, affordable, & hassle-free. Our patient concierge services can help you with a variety of unmatched benefits, including visa assistance, logistics arrangements, accommodations, room upgrades, airport transfers, billing and negotiations and turn-key case management.

No, we do not charge anything over and above the treatment cost. With Pflege, there will not be any hidden or additional costs as we provide transparency in our entire treatment plan. With Pflege, hospital prices never increased.

Based on your diagnosis, symptoms, and medical records, our team will review them and get back to you with suitable recommendations. We will then help you walk through the options to help you choose one of them that is most suitable.

Saving & improving lives is our passion. We've always worked for excellence and increased our service offerings to better serve our patients' healthcare needs and improve their quality of life. To date, we have assisted 100,000+ patients from 80+ countries.

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