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People of all ages can get high-quality, compassionate home healthcare from Pflege Home Healthcare in the convenience and comfort of their own homes. Pflege, one of the top home health care providers in Dubai, takes pride in providing the best medical tourism. Receive first-rate medical tourism services from Pflege’s licensed, experienced doctors across the globe. With Pflege Explore best of treatments in State of art Hospitals Across the globe. We are ready to deliver in UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, India and Malaysia.

With Pflege you get range of services included with Medical Tourism like

Complicated surgeries
Cosmetic surgeries
Genetic disorders
Joint replacement
Kidney dialysis
Organ transplantation
Cancer Treatment
Cardiac surgery
Dental surgery

Additional Benefits

Why Pflege For Medical Tourism?

Affordable Option

One of the most crucial indicators of how attractive a destination is is the cost of care. Naturally, it is a significant factor in driving health travel. You may find the best and most affordable medical treatments and Surgeries in India with Pflege. We are obligated to provide you with the most economical medical care along with the best infrastructure and medical staff. At Pflege Home Healthcare, the patient comes first. Our goal is to offer each patient the highest quality service at a reasonable cost.

Assistance for finance and credit

Apart from providing you with the best infrastructure and medical care, Pflege provides great assistance for finance and credits by extending your credit and supporting you with non-medical and medical expenses. All your expenses ranging from accommodation, transportation, traveling, and medications, will be in your budget. In addition, we also help patients find the cheapest plane tickets and medical visas.

An Optimal And Unbiased Option

We are here to make it simple for all our patients to obtain first-rate treatment in recognized international medical facilities. Pflege should be an optimal option for medical tourism as we constantly strive to offer the best treatment possible, but we will never accept anything less than perfection. Pflege offers both in-home medical services and nursing care available around the clock. Emergency doctor home visits are also offered in serious cases. We never compromise service quality or your health, and we give each patient unbiased care.

Frequently Asked Questions

The practice of people traveling across borders to receive medical, dental, and surgical care is known as medical tourism. It is now well-known and recognized as a successful enterprise. Pflege aims to provide high-quality care at reasonable costs.

Although medical tourism is generally regarded as safe, it is important to investigate the level of medical expertise, physician education, and surgical specialty in each nation. When dealing with medical tourism, note that the provider is certified and professional, do not forget to track record the quality of service that they have provided and make sure that the medical staff is experienced and they have a license. As Pflege is one of the best home care in Dubai, and all the staffs are professional and licensed so you can totally rely on us.

Your package will include everything you need, including transportation to and from the airport, hotel accommodations, ground transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and hospitals, medical procedures, travel arrangements, a trip itinerary, currency exchange, visa assistance, and much more. Also, we offer family members and visitors retail and entertainment options.

Medical tourism treatments are used to carry out various common procedures such as neurosurgery, dental surgery, psychiatry, joint replacement, genetic problems, cancer therapy, kidney dialysis, organ donation, etc.

Finding the ideal medical facility and a place to stay that satisfies the needs of both you and your mate might be difficult for an individual. We work with you to make sure you are booked in an accommodation of your choice and preference before you depart for medical tourism.

India offers top-notch, cutting-edge medical facilities and services, just like other western nations. Medical equipment that is up to date is readily available, as are low-cost generic medications. Excellent standards for medical treatment and flexible visa policies. In India, medical operations cost between 1/5th and 1/10th of what they do in the west. This price difference gives you a chance to travel to an exotic location, recover in a luxury hotel in total privacy, and then fly home for less money than you would have spent on the treatment alone in your nation. A waiting period does not exist for any surgical operations.

Excellent care, accessibility, lower cost, and various additional benefits on varied treatments and medical operations. In addition to these beneficial effects, medical tourism has increased the demand for medical, dental, and cosmetic procedures by establishing international quality standards, ensuring workforce globalization, beginning to accept health plans, and all of the above.

The main communication hurdle is dialect. Pflege offers interpreters and translators to eliminate these situations and guarantee that patients receive the right medical care.

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